Detailed Procedure

1.) Customer call-in to place order at least 1-hr before
2.) Warranty information & price information will be given on the phone prior to hanging up the phone
3.) Staffs of the said branch will prepare the products; which includes testing them and invoicing them in advanced
4.) The assigned ORDER NUMBER would be the SALES INVOICE NUMBER
5.) The name of the one who tested the product(s) will be indicated at the back of the invoice with a TESTED BY
6.) Customer will be informed for the total amount upon ordering; so that the customer can prepare the exact payment in advanced for faster releasing of the goods or inform the staff to prepare any loose changed if needed.
7.) Customer should also inform us the TENTATIVE or TARGET time of their arrival to the shop; so we can be prepared also
8.) Customer calls in and informs us of his/her ORDER NUMBER upon arrival. They should park just outside our shop and we will come out to accept the payment & release the goods
9.) Staff assigned to release the goods will enumerate or point out one by one the products ordered from the receipt and show to customer that everything is already in the bag.
10.) Customer will sign the invoice & goods will be released.